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Il Poggio Saragio takes its name from a small hilly area of the Commune of Montepulciano, where are located some of our vineyards. The Saragio in the local dialect is the cherry tree, of whom-the hill is Particularly rich. Produced from grapes carefully selected and thinned out, this wine of great structure, but at the same time soft and elegant, ranks at the top of our production.
Our commitment is to produce wines that are able to express and enhance the features and characteristics of the territory of Montepulciano. No coincidence that our vineyards are 90% Sangiovese, while the remaining have Grechetto (Flea in the ass), Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes for the production of Vin Santo di Montepulciano and a small amount of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
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Cantina Lombardo

The company was founded by the father Antonino emigrated in the early 60s from Alcamo(Sicily) who succeeded after years of work as a "young master" of trucks for transport of prefabricated, to realize his dream. Coming from a land suited to the production of the vine, he had always wanted to own in Montepulciano, a company capable of producing great wines. And in 1972, he bought the land on which they were planted the first 12 hectares of vineyard Sangiovese, so crowning his wishes. Later, in 1986, the project is expanding by the new vineyard and a new cellar.
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In the winery, located on S.P. 326 in Gracciano di Montepulciano, you can do every day wine tasting and or purchases of our products and to those who would like learn something about the world of wine. Besides to this, for groups and b appointment, you can place a wine cellar tours and discover the secrets for the production of a great Sangiovese.
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The vinification is almost totally made up on vitrified cement tanks considered the better choice because they are suitable for both: winemaking and refinement. In cement we have a better insulation than in steel tanks because causes less stress to the must, and also for the maintenance of adequate temperatures. Our aim is to produce natural wines, we use only indigenous yeasts and we intervene on fermentation only through the control of temperature and time of maceration.


This is located in the basement of an eighteenth century villa. In this ancient, charming wine cellar there are French oak barrels, but there are also barriques and tonneaux.At a constant temperature, is this the perfect place for the maturation and the aging of our Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.