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The company was born from a dream of the founder: Antonino Lombardo (Alcamo 1927 – Montepulciano 1986), who left Sicily in the early sixties with a truck to build his life in Tuscany, in Montepulciano.

The number of trucks increases from 1 to 16 and he founds the trucking company: “Lombardo’transport”. This activity made his dream take shape and materialize: in 1972 he planted the first vineyards. As the years passed, the trucking company gave way to that of a wine producer. He renovates the historic cellar in the eighteenth-century house, preparing it to accommodate the oak barrels for the production of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Unable to expand the family home, he changed the location of the truck workshop and transformed the building into a winemaking cellar.

The trucking activity means that it is He himself with his trucks and his truck drivers who transport the concrete barrels to the place where they still are today: our cellar. After him, the family continued his project and from the 16 hectares he  planted, another 23 were added, for a total of 35

The historic cellar was renovated and expanded again in the mid-90s while the
winemaking cellar was expanded and modernized in 2004

Giacinto, son and current owner, continues to follow his father’s path, with love and dedication, giving life to wines that reflect the tradition of the wine region in which they are born. Lombardo wines stand out for their elegance, softness and persistence, the fruit of that dream which has now become reality.

the Vineyards and the Harvest

The Vineyards

Our vineyards, 35 hectares of property, are mostly located in the hamlet of Gracciano and in particular in the Caggiole area. There are plots with different morphological compositions but mainly composed of clay and red earth; this
allows us to obtain well-structured, full-bodied, persistent and elegant wines.

The care of the vineyards and the soil is fundamental for the production of wine.
Our vineyards are trained using Guyot, a form of vine training that is renewed every year. In addition to leaving the fruiting head, the pruner must leave a spur lower in the trunk with some visible buds, from which the fruiting head will emerge the following year. Hence the need for personnel capable of interpreting the needs of each individual plant arises.
All work on the vines is carried out exclusively by hand by our staff, trained directly by Giacinto.
“Gino” for the friends.

The harvest

Precisely the need for manual skill in knowing what we are going to harvest means that our harvest is only and exclusively manual.
A manual harvest allows us to select every single vineyard, every single vine and every single bunch. This is for the purpose of going to take the best bunch depending on the product we want to give life to.
This means, for example, that to produce the Nobile Di Montepulciano wine and the Riserva, we select the best parts of each individual plot, ensuring that only the most excellent grapes suitable for giving life to extraordinary wines enter the cellar for these two wines.

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